Ahh, Great Big Sea. Your one-stop shop for sea shanties, workers’ songs, and the sort of feel-good pop tune that you put in on long road-trips when you start to feel your energy flagging. Great for housecleaning, too. I could easily listen to nothing but GBS for days at a time and not feel bored.

I wasn’t sure how you felt about sea shanties, and really didn’t want to take out my anger at the impending Tory government on your listening pleasure, so I gave you a feel-good pop tune instead. Because it just makes me really happy every time I hear it.

Also, there is some serious rocking out happening on that fiddle. I’m a classically trained violinist, and I respect serious fiddle rock.

In case I was wrong and you seriously love sea shanties, here are two I almost put on:

And you have not lived until you’ve heard It’s The End of the World As We Know It with a banjo: