Currently doing battle with several boxes of random stuff accumulated over several moves and never opened. One yielded up a small selection of CDs–the U2 Best Of collection I thought had been lost years and years ago, a klezmer album I’ve never actually listened to (this is about to change) and a few unlabelled discs, at least one of which (I’m listening to it now) is a mix Mark put together I’m not certain exactly when. Not a bad mix, even if it does have entirely too much Bruce Cockburn on it for my tastes.* But it also has some lovely Natalie MacMaster pieces (I think; it is admittedly hard to identify instrumental music unless you know the player really well, but her style is fairly distinctive and, more to the point, she’s Mark’s favourite fiddle player) and a Sarah Harmer song I’d heard but never given proper attention to before and have now decided that I love.

It does, however, bring me back to a question that’s been troubling me for awhile: does the fact that Acadian Driftwood is one of my favourite songs ever, even though my ancestors were if not actively involved in kicking the French settlers out of Acadia then definitely on the side of the kickers rather than the kicked, make me the Canadian equivalent of the suburban white kid who listens to gangsta rap and talks about being oppressed by The Man?

*ANY Bruce Cockburn is too much for my tastes.