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Have you seen Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things? No? OK, click on that link and come right back. I’ll wait.

The site’s mission is simple: to deconstruct stereotypes of what Muslims look like, by showing pictures of Muslims. Wearing things. All sorts of things.

Now, behold our friend Aman’s fabulous contribution. That’s the traditional Muslim tartan, yo (OK, honestly, I have no earthly idea what tartan that really is). And it coordinates so well with the trim on the Arts Faculty doctor’s gown, doesn’t it?

Fun fact: there are two officially registered Jewish tartans, due to some infighting in the Scottish Jewish community. There’s the Jewish Community tartan, here, and there’s also this one. I’ll… um… leave it as an exercise to the readers to discern which one is best to use, though I certainly have rather strong opinions on the subject.