Title taken from myself, on Twitter, just now, following 1) a scheduled test of the city air raid siren that neither of us knew about in advance, having only just gotten back into the country, and 2) a chat conversation with Mark about our mutually poor emergency preparedness. I looked out the window, saw no evidence that anyone else was panicking, or even noticing the noise, and quickly searched Google to discover that, yes, the noise was real and no, there was no emergency. Mark evidently (and I quote) “heard a siren, then sat there thinking through the possible things it could be, before getting to ‘air raid siren’. Though I did think that it was either a basic warning siren or else some kind of outreach device for one faith group or another.”

Chances of our household surviving a nuclear attack? Approximately zero. Chances of our household going out to meet the approaching missiles with a casserole and some mulled wine, eager to hear about their faith tradition and the details of the festival they appear to be celebrating? Approximately fifty percent.