It has been a difficult week here. After a long series of blogs delving into what my co-religionists say about Jewish-Christian relations, when the debate came up, we were disappointed. No, let’s be honest: I felt betrayed by a church that I count as family, embarrassed by the fact that all the fight went into keeping the statement from saying something worse. The voice of liberality and graciousness towards others never appeared, and it sounded like the whole debate was about raising the drawbridge to defend our own position. So much for hospitality. And it hit Alana like a freight train of spite. So, we’re not in happy moods here.

But more on that another time. Right now we need some diversion. A little attempt at joy, with a smattering of good news.

First up, a hilarious and ingenious mash-up of Twitter and Peanuts. Here is one of our favourites:

Weapon of choice
Weapon of choice

While some days it might not feel like it, the world is actually becoming more gay-friendly.

I dream of a world tour of bookstores.

In case Christian churches think they are the only ones who can make statements about another religion, here is what an Orthodox Jewish group has said recently about Christians.

A professor of international law examines what is meant by religious freedom.

How theology is moving in two Maritime provinces.

And for your viewing pleasure:

For all of these links, finding good news, and especially good news about religion and interfaith issues, is not always easy. So, to add to the frivolity, we here at The Kippah and the Collar hereby announce a contest. Point us to a good blog on theology and religion, one that shows hope and generosity–and good writing. Show us something we should be reading. In return, you will get your name in bloggy lights, but also you will get something handmade by us. It might be a haiku or knitwear, depending on our frivolous mood on the next Friday which displays any hint of frivolity. (Hint: that’s the deadline!)

Finally, a song which makes us happy: