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Still caught up in the work of moving, settling, and preparing for the coming teaching term; not much time for writing extra essays with which to feed the blog. But I resolved to be better–and more accountable–about prayer, so here’s a brief check-in. I think I’ve managed to say la’asok b’divrei Torah just about daily for the past ten days; I know I missed a couple days on the weekend, though I was also in a general state of collapse after hauling all our boxes out of storage and up several flights of stairs–and combating a moth infestation that had taken hold in one of them (I lost all my cones of yarn, save one that looked untouched and was small enough to put in the freezer; Mark’s good winter coat is at the dry-cleaner and may yet be saved; his kilt appears untouched, but it’s at the cleaners as well, just to be safe); my mind was not exactly turned towards the study of Torah except, perhaps, in the broadest possible sense (wool-eating-moth cocoons look pretty cool, as do the trails they eat through really thick woollen cloth, if you can get over the fact that that’s your best winter coat).

I’m not really feeling settled into a habit, though–I’m struggling with timing. I usually think to say it as I’m brushing my teeth, but that doesn’t feel exactly appropriate–I can argue both ways on the praying-in-the-bathroom issue, but certainly mumbling around a mouth full of toothpaste is not an indicator of good kavanah; I try to delay until I get to my desk, but by the time I’ve made the walk in to work, my mind has leapt ahead to work stuff, and it’s usually not till my mid-morning tea break that I actually remember that I forgot something earlier.

So. There are two things going on here: 1) I need a better fixed time/place, and a post-it note reminder. I think perhaps as I’m stepping out the door to begin my walk to work is better than waiting till I’m in the building here. 2) Obviously, I have a strong instinct to pray while brushing my teeth, which is a bit weird, but why not go with it–while I’m working on building la’asok b’divrei Torah into a firmer habit, I’ll start thinking about what assortment of morning brachot can make sense in that context.