I was going to post something about Lent, which began last Wednesday, but have just realised that the last post was this blog’s one hundredth, and we totally missed it. So Lent can wait. Instead, here is a pile of celebratory links: things that made us happy recently (meaning over the last few months or so), good reads, and more.

An essay by Edward Hoagland ‘On Friendship’ reminded me of the power of short-form non-fiction.

This Reb Jeff blog post on wonder lifted my heart, as did this one from the Velveteen Rabbi.

The work of Scotland’s mysterious book sculptor is astounding.

Here is a beautiful animated short: Adam and Dog. And this from a cat person.

This amazing story of commitment, faith and artistic endeavour made me stop and think.

This one’s just fun.

I have only explored a little bit of this.

Alana’s Pinterest board of recipes we have tried recently and have found good enough to try again (though not always for eating, as witnessed by the recipe for laundry detergent). Today, we had so-good-we-thought-our-hearts-would-fly-away casserole of parsnip and sweet potato gnocchi baked in a Stilton sauce followed by salted caramel brownies, accompanied by a locally-made chocolate porter. How is it possible that such incredible yumminess came out of our kitchen?

Oh, can’t forget this one: a multitude of stories and a plethora of worlds=definitely bigger on the inside.

And, last of all, the former Old English scholar in me was cheered by the digitisation of Beowulf.