Making Memory Cover I received notice last night that copies of my second book, Making Memory: Jewish and Christian Explorations in Monument, Narrative and Liturgy have started to roll off the press, and are available for immediate purchase at the exceptionally reasonable price of US$23 from Wipf & Stock via phone (541-344-1528), fax (541-344-1506) or email (orders@wipfandstock.com). It will be available for sale via the Wipf & Stock website within a fortnight, and the full range of online retailers (Alibris, the Amazons, Book Depository, etc.) in a month or two; the Kindle version will be out in six months or so.

The book has received two generous endorsements from my colleagues:

Widely relevant, this compelling and thoughtful book explores the complex phenomenon of remembrance. Combining aesthetical, literary, and theological analyses, Alana Vincent offers a highly original and important contribution to the growing interdisciplinary field that investigates how politics of memory and uses of history shape the relation to the past.
-Jayne Svenungsson, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Stockholm School of Theology

In this rich and well-researched book, Alana Vincent [asks] us to join her on a fascinating odyssey in the unruly sea of cultural memory, where we are constantly tossing on waves, alternating between ‘remembering’ and ‘forgetting’: to remember for fear that we forget, and to forget lest we remember.
-Jesper Svartvik, Professor of Theology of Religions, Lund University and the Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem

In related news, I will be giving the following papers drawn from material explored in this book at conferences later on this year:

“Forgetting Capsules: Public Monuments and Religious Ritual”, at the 4th Nordic Conference in Philosophy of Religion Monument and Memory, 16-18 June, Stockholm School of Theology.

“Postmemory and the Boundaries of Civic Family: Anne of Green Gables and Edeet Ravel”, at the British Association for Jewish Studies conference Memory, Identity, and Boundaries of Jewishness, 7-9 July, University of Kent.

I will also be presiding at “The Generation of Postmemory: Writing and Visual Culture after the Holocaust: A conversation with Marianne Hirsch”, featuring contributions from Bj√∂rn Krondorfer and Laura Levitt, and sponsored by the Religions, Holocaust and Genocide group at the American Academy of Religion in Baltimore this November.

And in less related news, I will also be giving a paper related to my current line of research, on inter-religious relations and theological aesthetics, in the Study of Judaism Section at the AAR; that paper is titled “The Salt Cellar and the Kiddush Cup: Gender and Jewish Aesthetics”. And Mark and I will be presenting a co-authored paper on Paul Ricoeur’s reading of Hannah Arendt at a symposium on Ricoeur and Arendt in Oxford on the 20th of June.

Finally, while this deserves a post of its own (and will get one eventually) I should note that I am now able to entertain enquiries from students interested in pursuing a PhD under my supervision at the University of Chester. Needless to say I am particularly keen on projects which involve some degree of interdisciplinarity, but I am happy to consider any project which falls under the broad umbrella of Jewish Studies, Theology of Religions, or Religion and Culture, and I have a number of colleagues who are happy to co-supervise projects which may benefit from such input.