Making Memory Cover I received notice last night that copies of my second book, Making Memory: Jewish and Christian Explorations in Monument, Narrative and Liturgy have started to roll off the press, and are available for immediate purchase at the exceptionally reasonable price of US$23 from Wipf & Stock via phone (541-344-1528), fax (541-344-1506) or email (orders@wipfandstock.com). It will be available for sale via the Wipf & Stock website within a fortnight, and the full range of online retailers (Alibris, the Amazons, Book Depository, etc.) in a month or two; the Kindle version will be out in six months or so.

The book has received two generous endorsements from my colleagues:

Widely relevant, this compelling and thoughtful book explores the complex phenomenon of remembrance. Combining aesthetical, literary, and theological analyses, Alana Vincent offers a highly original and important contribution to the growing interdisciplinary field that investigates how politics of memory and uses of history shape the relation to the past.
-Jayne Svenungsson, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Stockholm School of Theology

In this rich and well-researched book, Alana Vincent [asks] us to join her on a fascinating odyssey in the unruly sea of cultural memory, where we are constantly tossing on waves, alternating between ‘remembering’ and ‘forgetting’: to remember for fear that we forget, and to forget lest we remember.
-Jesper Svartvik, Professor of Theology of Religions, Lund University and the Swedish Theological Institute in Jerusalem

In related news, I will be giving the following papers drawn from material explored in this book at conferences later on this year:

“Forgetting Capsules: Public Monuments and Religious Ritual”, at the 4th Nordic Conference in Philosophy of Religion Monument and Memory, 16-18 June, Stockholm School of Theology.

“Postmemory and the Boundaries of Civic Family: Anne of Green Gables and Edeet Ravel”, at the British Association for Jewish Studies conference Memory, Identity, and Boundaries of Jewishness, 7-9 July, University of Kent.

I will also be presiding at “The Generation of Postmemory: Writing and Visual Culture after the Holocaust: A conversation with Marianne Hirsch”, featuring contributions from Björn Krondorfer and Laura Levitt, and sponsored by the Religions, Holocaust and Genocide group at the American Academy of Religion in Baltimore this November.

And in less related news, I will also be giving a paper related to my current line of research, on inter-religious relations and theological aesthetics, in the Study of Judaism Section at the AAR; that paper is titled “The Salt Cellar and the Kiddush Cup: Gender and Jewish Aesthetics”. And Mark and I will be presenting a co-authored paper on Paul Ricoeur’s reading of Hannah Arendt at a symposium on Ricoeur and Arendt in Oxford on the 20th of June.

Finally, while this deserves a post of its own (and will get one eventually) I should note that I am now able to entertain enquiries from students interested in pursuing a PhD under my supervision at the University of Chester. Needless to say I am particularly keen on projects which involve some degree of interdisciplinarity, but I am happy to consider any project which falls under the broad umbrella of Jewish Studies, Theology of Religions, or Religion and Culture, and I have a number of colleagues who are happy to co-supervise projects which may benefit from such input.