Okay, so maybe trying to keep to a daily schedule during Holy Week while helping Alana celebrate Pesach AND moving house was not the most pragmatic decision I have ever made. As you can tell, I did not get very far, and I am unconvinced that what I wrote was what I really wanted to write. Beyond that, the weeks after Easter left me sitting in Chester Cathedral as my main way to check e-mail between the time we moved and the time that our broadband provider could make it to our new abode to set us up—in other words, more than the whole month of April.

So, now, on the 13th of May, we have regained our home internet connection. However, the plans for posts that I had have crumbled into ashes. Plan A, long gone, saw me writing something each day of Holy Week. Plan B had me transferring that to the Great 50 Days of Easter, and changing the tone of my posts: I wanted not only to suggest what churches would be better off dropping but also to meditate on possible ways to amend the problems. That plan, too, has faded, as the season of Easter is almost over—this coming Sunday is Pentecost, which is followed by a season of ‘Ordinary Time’. That leaves Plan C, which I will call ‘The Plan Still to be Figured Out’. Maybe the plan will see me writing the posts I had imagined; maybe I will find it more timely to write other posts, especially as many interesting things are on their way.

I have learned a few things.

1. Planning blog posts requires more time.

2. It is not easy writing regular posts and taking them somewhere else to post.

3. The staff at the café in Chester Cathedral are friendly folk.

4. The windows in the cathedral café tell of saints with great names: Sexburge, Wulfade, Ruffin, and Werburgh.

Last but not least, the normal rhythm of life for me was interrupted a couple of weeks ago by a family sorrow which saw me travelling. I have not decided whether I should write about that. Tell me, anyone out there who might read this, what do you think? How do you decide what to write about?