This is our first summer in our new home in Chester. As you might expect in a city with a nearly intact medieval wall, a cathedral, and Roman ruins, a nice summer’s day means a crowd of visitors to the city. There are also quite a few festivals and other events. However, Alana and I have not been able to explore too much of summer in Chester. There has been work and there has been travel. There is still travel. Yesterday Alana left on her way to Bangalore as part of her work at the university, leading a group of students on a module teaching how to do field work in religious studies.

I am sure there will be very interesting things to hear from her in time to come about her three weeks away. But I am here, and I got an idea that it might be nice to document something about Chester while Alana is away.

So the plan is to post a photo each day that my partner is in India, and see what happens.

But here it’s the first day and I’m going to change the plan already.

A funny thing happened as I was walking around the wall on an errand.

A section of the wall on the east side of Chester.

Someone had left a small object propped up between the bars of the railing. I almost missed it, almost walked by like others before me, but it was odd enough that it caught my eye. What was written on it made me pause and look around, then pick it up. ‘PLEASE KEEP ME’, it read, among other things. So I shrugged and put it in my bag, taking it to the nearby Roman Garden to photograph it better.


It was a little ‘ESCAPED ART’ for ‘FREE ART FRIDAY’ from a gallery here in Chester. Here is what was inside:


The surprise is a couple of cards.

(By the way, the gallery in question is a fun place. If you ever visit Chester, you might want to check it out.)

I like the quirkiness. Still, I don’t know if the escaped art is ready to stay in one place—and if the pair decide to escape again, who knows where they might go next?

This is Chester in August.